We live in the real world too

Mult Currency, Multi Tax System – Multiple Integrations

Sell Anywhere with eTail Support

  • Built from the ground up to work in the real world
  • Unlimited currencies with automatic rate updates
  • Supports all sales tax systems worldwide
  • Updated automatically

All the complexity of your business, supported, recorded, enhanced.

Expertise distilled into Software Our staff have been filing VAT returns around Europe for over 10 years, we understand the processes required and the differences between the various European VAT systems, this expertise is built into the eTail Support system at no extra charge.

eTail Support supports multi-currency trading Multi-currency trading is a fact of life for most Amazon sellers, you buy your stock in US Dollars and sell in US Dollars, Pounds, Euros and maybe Canadian & Australian Dollars as well. eTail Support handles all of that seamlessly, update your exchange rate daily, weekly or monthly as YOU see fit and see the real effect of changing exchange rates on your profitability fast. Add as many currencies as you need and convert selling prices automatically – and be sure that your reports are still accurate.

eTail Support supports multiple tax systems ‘right out of the box’ Sales Tax, Value Added Tax and GST are a pain, we can’t make them go away, but we can soothe the sting. eTail Support allows you to track your tax liabilities and produce reports quickly and easily.

VAT filing services for all EU countries We offer tax filing services for all European countries directly from the eTail Support application. The fees for these services are additional, but very reasonable.

Built By eCommerce Experts Our team has over 50 years’ experience in eCommerce, we know your business and what makes it tick, we built eTail Support after trying many of the alternative solutions and coming to understand their failings.
No system is better for customers using Amazon FBA as an important Sales Channel.


Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento integrations built in. No add on costs. No loss of data fidelity through third party integrations


Need someone to post an invoice? Reconcile the bank statement? Produce a weekly P&L? or write a report to back up a bank loan application, get the people that you need all paid by the task


We fully and accurately support multiple currencies, languages, warehouses and worldwide sales tax and VAT systems


Translate products titles and prices automatically keep stock levels up to date across unlimited sales channels all automatically.


Goldilocks Purchasing is easy with eTail Support, Buy what you need, when you need it – not too much and not too little


Our solution is fully hosted in the cloud for maximum availability and flexibility, access eTail Support from anywhere with 24×7 support

Accurate Information From Reconciled Accounts

Business Information from Sales Systems is ALWAYS wrong, our reconciled accounts based information is correct


Manage stock in multiple warehouses including 3PL and FBA warehouses in real time.

Reduce stock-outs and improve cash-flow


Process orders from Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento in one system, cross ship from FBA or 3PL warehouses from one interface. Fast & Efficient