Omni-Channel Package


… while we take care of your admin channels and logistics

Admin, Systems and Logistics with lots of extra capacity- all for Just £700 per week !

What is Included?

Admin & Accounts


This package includes 10 hours per week of admin work to take care of tasks like data entry, simple product updates, running reports and posting invoices for you. Of course, extra admin time is available for £25 per hour.

Admin staff can take care of tasks like data entry, simple product updates, running reports and posting invoices for you.

Automated Reports

Our comprehensive business management software will provide weekly reports on the performance of your business.

Senior Staff ‘On-Demand’

You can delve into the detail of your automated reports using our comprehensive business management software.
Alternatively, you can get professional expertise on demand to help you understand what’s going on in your business.
When that happens, we also have Financial Controllers by the hour as well as access to CFOs for more complex problems.
eTail Support gives you access to expertise when you need it, no cost when you don’t. Flexible and Cost Effective.

Corporate Filings

Your corporate admin chores will be taken care of by our professional staff as part of the package.

Your annual Confirmation Statement at Companies House and UK quarterly VAT returns will all be done for you, so you can focus on your products and sales.
Additionally, we can act as your registered office if you like.

Software & Systems

Comprehensive Business Management Software

Our cloud based software is included with your package with up to 6 user accounts. Our powerful software package gives you all the back end and accounts software that you need to control your sales, product information, stock, ordering, cash-flow, sales and profits.

Our business management system is a cloud based application that you can access from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, so its ideal for digital nomads, distributed corporations or international teams.

Professional setup of your account in our system with all of your data is included in your Omni-Channel Package

A Shopify Web Store

We will set up a UK based web store for you on Shopify as part of your Omni-Channel package. Of course, the store is yours and we will include a premium theme and an appropriate URL at no extra charge.

You can specify the design, layout and features of the site. Then our experts will develop the site for you before handing it over.

Amazon Set Up

Amazon is a great place to reach a wider customer base.  It’s the best marketplace to start with. We include professional set up of your Amazon Store and up to 100 products with the Omni-Channel Package. Add more products for just £10 per product.

Warehouse & Logistics

Unlimited Warehouse Services

Our warehouse service is all about flexibility, you only pay us for the services that we provide.

Access to our Third Party Logistics (3PL) warehouse is included in the Omni-Channel package, that gives you a place to store your goods as well as staff to ship your orders and process your returns.

You can store as much stock in our warehouses as you like and ship as many orders as you can get.

If you need any help with re-labeling goods, modifying items or combining products we can take care of all of that. But please note that we charge extra for those services.

Included with your package

This package includes storage of up to 20 Pallets and pick&pack of 200 orders per week. Of course if you need more than that, extra shipments and storage are available at extra cost.


Warehouse services is the one part of the package that we both hope you need to pay extra for! The big advantage of outsourced warehousing is that you only pay more when you sell more.

Making your costs ‘revenue related’ is a great way to ensure that your business can scale and be profitable at any revenue level.

What Isn’t Included?

We like to be sure that you have all of the facts before you buy. So, here is a list of the charges for extra work and details of the costs that are not included in this package

Admin & Accounts

Extra Work

  • Extra admin time is available for just £25 per hour.
  • Financial Controllers cost £35 per hour
  • CFOs are available from £225 for a half day

Corporate Filings

To make your corporate filings correctly we need information from you. Please reply to our enquiries about your business promptly. These will normally be sent by e-mail and it really helps if you get back to us in 2-3 days.

Annual statutory accounts and corporation tax returns are not included in the package. You can add these to your package from £20 per week, contact us for more details.

VAT Reporting

We need you to ensure that all of your invoices and expenses are entered into our system as they occur. When you do that, it helps us get you the reclaims that you are entitled to, so it’s really important. All of your business transactions need to be recorded in our system to get your VAT return right. Please enter the details yourself or have our admin support staff do it promptly.

If any VAT is payable when your VAT return is submitted, then you should pay it on time. To be clear, you are responsible for paying any Tax due on your VAT return, we just submit the return!

If HMRC decide to conduct an Audit of your VAT returns we can help, we have to charge for the time spent doing this work. Normally, a typical VAT inspection will take up about 15 hours of a financial controllers time at £35 per hour. You can get insurance to cover this risk.

Manual Financial Reports

Our comprehensive system will provide you with weekly reports on the performance of your business, optionally, you can add weekly, monthly or quarterly manual reports to your package. The  manual reports include a text commentary that will try to explain the change in your numbers from period to period and offer suggestions for improving performance where possible.

In addition, manual reports can also include bench-marking information to help compare your business to other similar businesses.

A typical manual report will take a Financial Controller 4 hours and cost £140

Registered office fees

You can use our address as your Registered Office, that is included in the package. In addition you can use our address as your directors address at Companies House to get extra privacy. However, scanning and emailing any correspondence sent to the office costs £1 per page, you can choose to filter out junk mail if you prefer.

Software & Systems

Comprehensive Business Management Software

You can access our app through anyPC or tablet with an internet connection and a web browser

For compatibility we recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge but Safari should also work

Web Store

We will set up your Shopify store as part of the package, but you will need to pay the monthly charge for the Shopify store. The cost of running a Shopify store is set by Shopify, its currently £30 per month for basic or £70 for regular. Additionally, Shopify take a commission on your sales of 1-3%.

In addition processing payments on your web store by credit card, PayPal etc also attracts a commission to the card processor, its normally between 2% and 4%.

We can add extra stores for between £500 and £1,000 per store, the cost of each store depends on the complexity of the store.

Our experts can undertake changes and updates to your store. This kind of work costs £40 per hour.


Amazon charge commission on orders and fees for processing orders and returns. In addition you can pay to advertise your products on Amazon.

Other sales Channels

You can add as many extra sales channels to your account as you like; eBay, Wayfair, CDiscount or any other marketplace. To complement that, stores based on Magento, WooCommerce, nopCommerce and Shopify are also available.

In addition, we can set stores up for you and manage them on an on-going basis. Contact us with the details for a specific quote.

Software Customisation

We offer a customisation service to modify our system into a bespoke system ideally suited to your specific needs.

This service is chargeable. If you would like some specific customisation, please contact us for a quote.


In addition, please note that all of our charges for Accounts & Admin, Software & Systems and Warehouse & Logistics are subject to UK VAT at the prevailing rate.

Of course, the VAT on our charges is reclaimable on your quarterly VAT return.

Warehouse & Logistics

Pick & Pack

We all hope that you will get lots of orders!

The huge advantage of outsourced warehousing is that you only pay for the pick and pack operations that you use. We only include 200 orders per week in the Omni-Channel package. If you ship more you pay for the extra orders.

When you ship more than 200 orders per week, each extra order shipped will be charged £1.35 per order for the first 2 items plus £0.22 per item for items 3 and over.

Your 200 included orders are the first 200 shipped each week, starting at Midnight on Sunday night / Monday morning.

The order shipping for the first two items is included in the package. If any of your included orders have 3 or more items the third and subsequent items will be charged £0.22 per item.


When you store more than 20 pallets, each extra pallet costs £2.75 per week.

If you store a lot of very small items, like jewellery or small accessories we make a charge for pick bins. Pick bins are charged at £0.25 each per week. We will let you know if any of your items will need pick bins.

If you ONLY need pick bins, then your 20 pallet per week package allowance can be exchanged for 220 pick bins.

Transporting your Goods from the Factory

Transport is not included in the package. When you need to get goods transported from your factory to our warehouse, our professional freight forwarding team can help. Ask for a quote any time, as an Omni-Channel Package customer you will be entitled to a discount of up to 10% on shipping costs.

Import fees and taxes

Our customs and import team are here to help you import your goods into the UK. Our fees for that are around £150 per import. In addition, you should expect to pay between 20% and 30% of the declared value of your goods in Import VAT and duty to HMRC. However the VAT on import will be reclaimable through your quarterly VAT return.

Goods In

Charges for booking goods into stock, labelling and assembling items are not included in the package. All of these tasks are charged at £25 per person per hour. The price for unloading a 40 foot container starts at £300.

Order Delivery Costs

Order delivery costs are not included in the package.

  • Royal Mail tracked 48 to UK addresses up to 2Kg – £3.20
  • Next Day Courier to UK addresses up to 25Kg – £5.5 –  £11

International shipping prices will be provided on request.


Processing returns costs £4 each. Additionally, rework is charged at standard labour rate (£25 per hour)