Lots of companies based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have built great businesses and made excellent profits over the last ten years by selling products to consumers in Europe through Amazon, eBay and direct to consumers through their own web sites.

For the last few years, many companies selling direct to consumers in Europe have used Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) or European third party logistics companies to store stock and deliver their orders to local consumers.

However, times are changing, European governments are becoming more aggressive in their demands for tax revenue from companies who hold stock in their territory, and the cost of using services like Amazon FBA are going up every year.

Additionally, more and more Hong Kong and Shenzhen based sellers are offering their products to customers worldwide. Despite Trumps tariffs in the USA markets in Africa, Canada and Australia are strong and once goods that are made in China are shipped to Europe they cannot be easily shipped to customers elsewhere in the world. The solution is obvious – keep the main part of your stock in China and ship it directly to customers around the world as they order it, that’s what world leading brands like Apple do.

Shipping stock to end users in Europe directly from Hong Kong and Shenzhen has never been easier. Smooth Parcel gives you the ability to ship from Hong Kong to end users in Europe, Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) in 3 days for as little as $9 per kg.

Your business can enjoy improved cashflow, lower costs and greener business practices by shipping goods directly to consumers from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, you really should consider it – you know it makes sense!