Smart Purchasing for Multi Channel Retailers

Goldilocks Purchasing is easy with eTail Support, Buy what you need, when you need it – not too much and not too little

  • Base your purchasing decisions on your sales data
  • Upload supplier price lists and find the best deals for your purchases
  • Create purchase orders automatically in seconds
  • Control stock outs and maximize revenue

Buying the stock that you need when you need it.

Expertise distilled into Software Set your own criteria for purchasing based on your run rate of sales, the lead time for the product and your stock levels, current level of back orders and transit time.

Create Purchase Orders quickly and easily Creating purchase orders is quick and easy when you use the eTail Support system, it takes just a few seconds to create a PO manually or using predictive purchasing.

Purchase in any currency, Sell in any currency We automatically convert the cost price from any currency into your base currency and then use that cost to set your selling prices, eTail Support takes the pain out of cross boarder trading.

VAT calculations are automatic eTail Support automatically calculates the VAT on your purchase orders and updates your VAT report when you enter the associated invoice.

3 Way Matching eTail Support allows you to match your Purchase Order to the delivery of goods and the Invoice from your supplier to make sure that you are paying the price that you expected for the goods that you received every time..

Built By eCommerce Experts Our team has over 50 years’ experience in eCommerce, we know your business and what makes it tick, we built our comprehensive business management software after trying many of the alternative solutions and coming to understand their failings.
No system is better for predictive purchasing than eTail Support.


Translate products titles and prices automatically keep stock levels up to date across unlimited sales channels all automatically.


Goldilocks Purchasing is easy with eTail Support, Buy what you need, when you need it – not too much and not too little


Our solution is fully hosted in the cloud for maximum availability and flexibility, access eTail Support from anywhere with 24×7 support

Accurate Information From Reconciled Accounts

Business Information from Sales Systems is ALWAYS wrong, our reconciled accounts based information is correct


Manage stock in multiple warehouses including 3PL and FBA warehouses in real time.

Reduce stock-outs and improve cash-flow


Process orders from Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento in one system, cross ship from FBA or 3PL warehouses from one interface. Fast & Efficient


Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento integrations built in. No add on costs. No loss of data fidelity through third party integrations


Need someone to post an invoice? Reconcile the bank statement? Produce a weekly P&L? or write a report to back up a bank loan application, get the people that you need all paid by the task


We fully and accurately support multiple currencies, languages, warehouses and worldwide sales tax and VAT systems