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Business Management Software

Designed to be used for online retail right out of the box our cloud based business management system is the perfect back end system for your eCommerce business.

It Links all of your sales channels together enabling ‘Headless Commerce”.

So Much More Than Accounts makes managing multiple stores a breeze.

Our Software as a Service application enables all of our services, it delivers the stability and reliability needed in your back-end processes

Our comprehensive Business Information System for online retailers enables Headless eCommerce for forward thinking online retail business. It forms the basis of all of our packages.

By separating your business critical data from sales channels that can change as required we make your business more responsive and nimble in responding to customer demand and market changes while keeping the stability that you need at the core of your business.

API based integrations with banks and payment service providers, delivery services and suppliers can all be changed as and when required without the need to re-design or re-build your core systems.

Customization is quick and easy, services like 3PL  pick and pack warehousing, financial admin and tax compliance can be provided as an integral part of the solution.

Delivering Your Promise to Your Customers

Owning your own warehouse overseas can be expensive and time consuming – but there is an alternative.

eTail support has warehouses in Liverpool (United Kingdom) and Ljubljana, (Slovenia), so with us you can hold stock on both sides of Europe in a secure location and ship orders to your customers quickly and at a cost that makes sense.

Stock holding is charged per pallet, per week and pick and pack is charged per order and per item, our rates are reasonable and very competitive, fill out our contact form for a quote.

Our 3PL service is provided through our bespoke order management software which allows you to manage your stock and orders through your web browser from anywhere in the world. You can use our software to decide which warehouse each one of your orders ships from, to edit or update orders and to add or delete orders.

Our software includes purchasing functions and predictive reports to let you know what you need to buy based on your stock levels and sales run rate as well as a full suite of VAT reporting and accountancy functions. Learn more about our comprehensive Business Management System for online retailers here

Third Party Warehousing

With two huge warehouses in Europe that ship 1,000s of orders each day we provide a service that you can trust to deliver for you.

Admin & Accounts

Admin and Accounts – all taken care of for you

Let us take care of your Reporting and Accountancy

Our team of admin and support staff can take the mundane record keeping and data entry tasks off your hands to let you concentrate on more important tasks.

Our Financial Controllers are experienced and professional, they can help you with reporting, reconciliation of your accounts and other more complex tasks.

All of our customers also have access to our CFO level staff for advice on business structure, tax issues, forecasting and fundraising

Admin staff are available from just £30 per hour.

Use our systems and Services to sell through any channel

Headless Commerce is the Technology at the Heart of our Business Management Software.
Headless commerce is a business technology architecture for retailers, online sellers and distributors who want to future proof their business.

It works by separating your core business system from your sales channels so you can add new sales channels, replace or upgrade your existing sales channels and integrate new technologies to into your sales processes quickly and easily without any disruption to your core business functions.

Core business functions like your product database, customer database, accounts and finance records, vital functions like order processing and inventory management are provided by our solid, reliable SAAS tool with all the backup and security that you need.

However, the Core system connects through APIs to ANY sales channel currently available or imagined in the future allowing you to maximise the potential of your business while knowing that the vital part is safe and secure.

Web & Marketplace

eTail Support integrates with all major European web sales platforms and marketplaces

Shipment Consolidation

Shipment Consolidation with Smooth Parcel is integrated into So Much More Than Accounts so that you always get the best deal on shipping

Smooth Parcel

Smooth Parcel 2.0 is a game changer for online retailers and freight forwarders around the world

It combines a powerful label generation tool with a ground-breaking system that allows retailers in different geographic locations to share their courier accounts to mutual benefit.

Your online retail business can get extra profit and revenue by shipping parcels for non-competitive overseas retailers, the extra volume could get you even better rates from your couriers and when you want to expand overseas Smooth is there for you with the best rates on tap.

Smooth Parcel 2.0 is also great for freight forwarders who can use our system to add local, last mile delivery to their service – for parcels up to 30kg, ideal for shipments into Amazon FBA or direct to consumers.