The Features of eTail Support

Any sales platform, bank or courier integrations are included in eTail Support and they are all completely free of charge.

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Our Integrated Smart Purchasing can save you thousands and our accurate stock tracking can help make you thousands.

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Do more with less – process orders from any channel faster, get shipping labels automatically and pay less for them.

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Measure and manage your business better with our built in accounts system, get detailed profitabillity information any time

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Maximise your business potential in eCommerce you need to sell internationally. eTail Support enables world wide sales.

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Get people to help by the hour through our built in staff resources, pay for the staff you need, no more, no less.

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ALL Integrations Included at no extra cost

  • Integrations are at the heart of an eCommerce management platform, they automate, speed up processes and make more accurate
  • All of our integrations are developed in house and included in the base cost of eTail Support
  • Integrate with any sales channel, any bank, payment provider and any 3PL or parcel courier
  • If we don’t have an integration that you need, we will add it

Stock, Inventory & Purchasing

  • Use Smart Purchasing to buy the right amount of stock at the right time – say goodbye to overstock and stock outs.
  • Item level tracking – including serial numbers and batch numbers – Ideal for phone resellers and other high value items
  • True multi warehouse support available right out of the box. Set up as many warehouses as you like, owned by you, run for you or third party logistics warehouses holding your stock. Keep track of them and get the most out of them
  • Multiple integration SKUs per product – store multiple FNSKUs, ASINS as well as SKU and EAN/UPC codes
  • Scan pallets and master cartons into large orders for accuracy and speed
  • Sell product bundles on any platform

Order Processing

  • Ship all of your orders directly from eTail Support, produce picking lists, invoices and shipping labels automatically from the app in the way that suits you best
  • Prioritise speed or accuracy, or both, the choice is yours
  • eTail Support automatically creates shipping labels using any courier of your choice for each ‘in stock’ order as it is added to the system, making shipping your orders a breeze
  • Print picking lists with everything needed to pick a batch of orders at the same time, sorted to allow a single walk through your warehouse for more efficient picking
  • Get expert consultancy to help you define the best warehouse process for your business

Accounts & Business Information

  • What you can’t measure, you can’t manage.
  • Live reports show profitability by product and by sales channel so you always know where you stand
  • To give you the most accurate data available to run your busienss, eTail Support is based on a state of the art double entry accountancy system
  • The reports and data that come out of the system are guaranteed accurate
  • The general ledger is an integral part of the system so your data is complete and accurate and generated in real time, as you ship an order the invoice is created and posted to the general ledger

Worldwide Selling

  • Use eTail Support to offer your products worldwide
  • Translate product descriptions and names using built in AI translation tools
  • Manage multi-currency transactions with accuracy and ease
  • Update prices automatically as exchange rates move to ensure profitability is unaffected
  • Find new channels with eTail Support help

People On Demand

  • Our team of experienced and qualified staff, available to complete tasks for you, from simple admin tasks like entering invoices to reconciling bank transactions to CFO level tasks like writing business plans or completing and checking accounts for presentation to your bank we have you covered
  • Four Types of Staff on call 24×7
  • Available by the Task or by the Hour
  • Pay only when you need help
  • Experts available in many different areas as required
  • By paying for financial staff only when you need them you can greatly reduce the cost of running a professional and effective finance function in your business and maintain access to the best support, help and advice when you need it