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Why Partner with eTail Support for your 3PL Logistics?

Our 3Pl offering combines our fantastic software with 3Pl service from our partners to deliver a flexible, effective and low cost service that’s perfect for online retailers, multi-channel brands and retailers.

As an online retailer you need to receive and store stock somewhere, you need to have it picked and paced and sent out to your customers, you need to accept and handle returns.

Owning, staffing and managing your own warehouse can be expensive and time consuming. eTail Support is here to offer a better way.

How does the eTail Support 3PL service work ?

The eTail 3PL service is available to all users of etail Support LITE, PRO or ENTERPRISE.

To use the service just sign up for one of our plans and then contact your account manager for 3PL rates.

The 3PL service includes access to warehouses in the UK, Europe and the USA, each one offers the same range of key services all based on the eTail Support software system.

Customers contract directly with the warehouse to get the best possible rates, our partner warehouses use our software to store, pick and ship your orders so everything that they do is visible to you through the app.

What is included in the eTail Support 3PL service?


Every eTail Support 3PL customer gets access to our cloud based software to help you manage your business. You can use our app to manage your entire business including your reporting and accountancy or use it as your portal into your stock held at our 3PL. Regardless,  its easy to use anytime, anywhere, all you need is a web browser.

The app includes purchasing functions and predictive reports to let you know what you need to buy based on your stock levels and sales run rate as well as a full suite of VAT reporting and accountancy functions.


Sign up with eTail support today and ship stock to one of our warehouses tomorrow. eTail Support uses multiple warehouses across the UK and several in mainland Europe as well as access to space in Asia and North America. So when you work with us you can store stock around the world quickly and easily and at a cost that makes sense.

Stock holding is charged per pallet or pick bin, per week and pick and pack is charged per order and per item, our rates are reasonable and very competitive, fill out our contact form for a quote.

Pick & Pack

We guarantee that all orders entered onto our system before 2pm each day will be picked & packed that day or it will be picked & packed for free. Most orders entered before 4pm are shipped same day.

Pick & Pack costs start at just £1.50 per order for normal items (laptop size or smaller)

Preferential parcel delivery costs

All eTail Support customers have access to our negotiated rates for parcel delivery. Because we want to help you keep your costs down.

Returns Service

We aim to make the most of your returns. They are never great, but we process them quickly, 90%+ on the day that they are received. We recover maximum value by refreshing returns and getting as much as we can back into ‘A’ grade stock.

What we cant refresh, we dispose of on eBay as fast as possible to recover your cash, or we return it to you weekly.

Preferential Sea and Air Freight rates

eTail Support customers get discounts on Sea and Air freight from our in house freight forwarding department, you wont find a cheaper way to get your stock into the UK from China or the USA. Additionally, when you use our Freight Forwarder the goods in process is simple and it is FREE.

Import and customs service

eTail Support has in in house customs broker for the exclusive use of our customers, so we can take care of all of your Duty and Tax declarations to minimize expensive import delays.

Whatever you need from your 3PL, eTail Support is HERE TO HELP

We love to hear from potential customers, fill out the form below and one of our specialists will get back to you as fast as possible.

We respond to most queries within 2 hours during the working week