A brief Explanation of a Warehouse In eTail Support


The eTail Support system stores a list of your companies Warehouses in your data. A Warehouse is any location that you Ship orders from or accept deliveries of goods at. When you create a Purchase Order you select the delivery address for the goods from a drop down menu which is a list of your warehouses, this saves you time and effort.


How do Stock Records and Order Records relate to Warehouses? #

All of the Stock Item Records in your database include details of the warehouse where the stock item is stored, and all Orders are allocated to a Warehouse so the system can tell if it is possible to ship each order from the warehouse that it is allocated to and hence it can generate a list of all the orders that you can ship today from each Warehouse that your order shipping staff can use to pick and ship orders.


Can you move an order from one warehouse to another? #

It is of course possible to move an order from one warehouse to another or to ship part of an Order from one Warehouse and part from another – but this usually has a cost implication that should be considered carefully.


Does a Warehouse in eTail Support need to be linked to a physical location? #

No, a warehouse in eTail Support can be a reference to a physical location, or it could be a ‘virtual’ warehouse that is used to create a delimitation between two groups of stock which are actually held in the same physical location.


Can I set up a Warehouse for my 3PL? #

If you use 3PL services from companies like ShipWire, 3PL or Floship then you should set up each of the warehouses that you use as a separate Warehouse in eTail Support. If you use Amazon FBA then the way that you use their platform and the number of countries that you list in will influence the way that you set up the FBA warehouses in the system. If you use ‘Pan European’ selling in the Amazon Europe system then you can set up one Warehouse for the whole of Amazon Europe, however if you use separate agreements with each Amazon business entity in Europe, then you need to set up a separate warehouse for each.


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