Headless Commerce Is How Online Retailers use Technology To Drive Growth SAFELY

Headless Commerce is the Technology at the Heart of eTail Support

Headless commerce is a business technology architecture for retailers, online sellers and distributors who want to future proof their business.

It works by separating your core business system from your sales channels so you can add new sales channels, replace or upgrade your existing sales channels and integrate new technologies to into your sales processes quickly and easily without any disruption to your core business functions.

Core business functions like your product database, customer database, accounts and finance records, vital functions like order processing and inventory management are provided by our solid, reliable SAAS tool with all the backup and security that you need.

However, the Core system connects through APIs to ANY sales channel currently available or imagined in the future allowing you to maximise the potential of your business while knowing that the vital part is safe and secure.

OK – So the core system is separate from the sales and marketing part of the system – why is that better?

Headless Commerce is better because it helps your business to grow safely

The separation of front-end experience and core business functions allows the two to work and change independently.

Fast change and risk taking on the sales side, solid reliability and regular performance in the core business functions.

You can add or even create new sales channels without risking damage to your existing sales channels, customer relationships or the revenue that they generate.

How does all this help me to grow my business?

Headless Commerce makes it easier to sell to more people in more ways.

In 2021 front end sales options need to change at light speed to take advantage of market development and new technologies.

When you work with eTail Support you can let your people looking for new and exciting ways to sell your products have the creative freedom they need to make changes without impacting your core systems.

Sales and marketing can continuously iterate and evolve the customer experience to maximise sales without any impact on your warehousing CRM or accountancy functions.

Building your headless commerce on  our  allows you to extend your sales to new touchpoints and sales tools quickly and easily.

  • Place buy buttons wherever you want them, make that gorgeous marketing web page shoppable without the jarring switch to a boring old product page to complete the purchase
  • Allow users to purchase products directly from Instagram or Facebook.
  • Let users buy directly from wearable devices like the Apple watch, from voice based interfaces, from a cars or from a smart refrigerator
  • Take full advantage of the Internet of Things to turn any device into a way for people to buy from you.

In fact, why involve the customer at all? Some IOT enabled machinery and equipment is now able to order spare parts and consumables itself. The options are endless – If you had the ability to plug your new idea into our simple API – how could you use the eTail Support headless commerce system to increase your revenues?

  • AI based sales tools
  • Pop up stores
  • Sales agents using iPads at festivals?
  • Automated sales Kiosks?
  • Selling in virtual spaces like Minecraft or Fortnite?

Its all possible if you switch to eTail Support